We are advising all of our shoppers that new parking regulations will be in effect from Saturday 1 July, in order to improve everyone’s experience here at South Aylesford.

Our aim is for the car park to support shoppers visiting our stores and so following extensive consumer research and consultation with our retailers, we will be introducing a three-hour limit for free parking. South Aylesford is a hugely popular destination, and we have established this free period in accordance with research on how long people spend shopping with us.

The new parking arrangements, coupled with a non-return within two hours, will ensure easier access throughout the day, and means that more shoppers can have the opportunity to come and visit us.

Automatic number plate recognition has been installed to monitor traffic flow and establish optimum visit times, and signage explaining the parking regulations is clearly displayed throughout the car park.

We thank you for your co-operation, and hope you enjoy your visit to South Aylesford Retail Park.